Nike Chesterfield StoreIn sport, every day is an opportunity to show what you’re made of – what drives you, what you’re committed to. All new Nike Factory Stores opened in Fiscal Year 2012 represent Nike’s commitment to serving the needs of athletes-and of the planet as well. Designed to optimize energy efficiency, and incorporating recycled and reclaimed materials wherever possible, they have been registered with the US Green Building Council and have been designated to anticipate LEED certification standards. More importantly, it’s an example of how innovation can lead not only to better performance, but to a better world.





Stores that have received LEED Gold certification status are:

Nike Store - Texas CityLittle Rock, Arkansas, Louisville, Kentucky, Des Moines, Iowa, Lake St. Louis, Missouri and Grand Prairie, Texas. Our Henderson Factory Store location in Las Vegas, Nevada is designated to receive LEED Platinum certification-the highest of its kind.